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So, you’re facing the possibility of having one or more teeth extracted, and you could be (understandably!) facing some nervousness about it. This is perfectly natural! In fact, did you know that a whopping 75 percent of adults in the United States actively avoid oral surgery because of their phobias.

While no one wants to go through an extraction, most will understand that the dentist is only recommending the procedure for their own well-being. Unfortunately, our problems don’t just go away by ignoring them, and in many cases, putting off extraction is only going to make the problem worse. If you’re in need of a molar extraction leesburg procedure and you’re feeling nervous, just keep a few things in mind to try to make it easier.

Remember That it is Very Common

Remember, your dentist or oral surgeon is probably very well trained and experienced in extractions, because extractions are usually going to be some of the most common procedures performed by dentists and oral specialists. If you’re feeling anxious about your extraction, just remind yourself that your dentist has done this plenty of times before, and that you’re in good hands.

molar extraction leesburg

You Probably Won’t Feel it Anyway

Dentists are well aware that extractions aren’t a picnic for the patient, and they will typically do everything possible to ensure you don’t feel any pain during the procedure. Patients will usually receive local anesthesia to numb the area to cut down as much as possible on discomfort, and for patients who really need it, sedation is an option provided by many specialists.

Remember That the Problem Isn’t Going Away

If you need to, just remind yourself that your dental problem isn’t going to be resolved by simply choosing not to have the tooth extracted. In a matter of time, you can have the issue resolved by going to your appointment, getting it over with, and feeling great about it afterwards.

If you can calm your fears down a little bit, you will find that it won’t be as bad as you might have originally thought, and all that will be left for you to worry about is your recovery time. You’ll be back to normal in no time at all.